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Wool - sustainable in production and use

Wool requires only limited processing in the transformation from fiber to textile, and it is therefore among the textiles that emit the least CO2 in the production. In addition to that, wool is biodegradable and renewable, as the sheep will continue to renew its layer of wool. The wool we use at Önling is dyed according to Ecotex standards (Øko-tex 100), which ensures that no health hazardous substances have been used, and that the material is colorfast. The advantages of our carefully selected Önling wool are among others: 

- It is soft, warm and comfortable to wear. 
- Very durable and have a long life-span. 
- Wool does not require washing as often as other textiles, and it is therefore sustainable in daily use as it saves resources from washing. 

Wool is among our absolute favorite materials, and we have therefore used it more many, lovely designs. See them all here: 

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