Everyday Kits

Önling’s new Everyday kit, in No 12 and No 13, is a light and soft combination, perfect for tops, T-shirts, and light sweaters. 

Our Everyday Yarn, Önling No 12, is a light mix of 55% wool and 45% cotton. Önling No 13 is our new accompanying thread in cashmere and super soft first-cut lambswool. Knitted together the two threads make up a fantastic combination, as No 13 gives No 12 a softer look, better texture, and firmer structure. 

You can knit any size of an entire sweater using one Everyday kit, consisting of 2 cones of No 12 and 1 large cone of No 13. All our designs in Önling No 12, can be knitted in one strand of No 13 and one strand of No 12. For inspiration, knitting patterns with Önling No 12 here, or see all everyday kits here