10 gift ideas for the perfect hostess

If you would like to show your gratitude in connection with an invitation or a special hospitality, here is a number of ideas for small hostess gifts, which you can either give as they are, or make for the hostess yourself.

A homemade hostess gift is far more personal and shows that you have put extra time and love into the project. A homemade gift will always be appreciated - but if you are not so good with your hands, give the hostess a small embroidery kit, a sewing kit or a kit for knitted dishcloths, a purse or the like. For example, give a a kit for three small makeup bags in Liberty fabric or a knitting kit for mittens or a cute hat. These are small quick projects that are easy to give and that the creative hostess will greatly appreciate. We wrap all sewing kits and embroidery kits nicely, so they are ready to bring as a gift for the perfect hostess!