Inspiring evening with knitting and "Stitches"

When Helga Isager visited Önling

Recently, we had an inspiring evening with Helga Isager and a lot of our sweet customers in our showroom just outside Copenhagen. Helga Isager was here to promote and talk about her new book Stitches, - a knitting book with some beautiful designs with lovely details. In this blog, we have the word to our own Mette Lundstad, who is a big fan of Helga, and very excited about meeting her.

Do you know the feeling when you meet your idols, and they turn out to be so nice and human, so you go home with a wonderful feeling in your pit? And when that idol is also a knit designer, you even get to go home with a lot of new knowledge and inspiration.

At the top of my knitting bucket list

I love Helga Isager's new book Stitches, which was published last month, and after trying on the different models from the book, I can’t wait to knit them all. Especially the models Hazy and Windy, which are both now at the very top of my knitting list.

Hazy is knitted in Silk Mohair and Bomulin from Isager - a wonderful combination resulting in a slightly heavy jacket. I had not imagined this when I saw Hazy in the book, and therefore it was very nice to be able to try on, and feel the texture of the individual designs, before embarking on the project.

The Windy sweater, is a sweater with a cozy look and feel – and to me it is one of those sweaters that you have to bring to your summer house or holiday home. It is warm and snug, slightly oversized and longer in the back and has beautiful patent knit sleeves.

Inspired by Japan 

I have always seen elements of Japan in Helga Isager’s designs, and this certainly is also the case when it comes to the designs in Stitches. It is the simplicity, minimalism and her choice of colors, that make my mind wander off to Japan. The focus of the book is very much on the detail; the simple stitch forms, embroidery and elaborate techniques.

A bit of Helga's personality

One thing is to "meet" the knitted designs from one of your favorite knit designers in reality - for example, I never forget when I saw a finished model of Helga Isager's famous “Bodil” design in Isager's shop in Tværsted - it was honestly a bit like meeting a famous person : -)

Another thing is to meet the designer behind, which I had the opportunity once again at our workshop at Önling. Helga Isager is the sweetest person, always smiling and present, and an evening in her company is a pleasure. Always. Both because of her ability to tell the story behind her designs and about the design proces, but also because she gives a piece of her personality.

That is what a talented narrator can do.

We were all allowed to have a go at various swatches and types of stitches, so we could try the technique before embarking on each of our favorite designs.

It was truly an evening filled with inspiration, passion and engaged people! I'm already looking forward to meeting Helga Isager again.

by Mette Lundstad, Knit Wear designer & Event Planner at Önling.